I update almost every day, so here goes!

If the text is unreadable because its over the deck of the Titanic (*g*), then highlight it, though you should be able to read it.

Update Dates:

Monday August 10th, 1998

Over the past couple weeks I've been putting up my site, updating it, and fixing it up (so many many problems).

This is the first "Update" that I will officially put up.

Well actually, this isn't really an update, more of a posting of the site.

I finished the Alanis and BSB pages, as well as fixing a picture on the links page (you know the X-Files one that would show up as the size of the screen, I replaced it).

This is a really frustrating program, but is the best one I know of.

It took forever to arrange the discography on the Alanis/BSB pages.

I've put up a Push page, (it's a very-little-known-teetering-on-the-edge-of-cancellation drama on ABC), but there's really nothing there right now, and off in the future sometime, a Dawson's Creek page, and way off next century, a Friends Page.

I added a list of awards Alanis Morissette has won on that page, and updated the X-Files Awards.

Also on the X-Files page, I finished the Summary of the whole storyline (which took ages). Please tell me if I left anything out, by Signing my Guestbook.

BTW this is not a Titanic page, I just like the movie, and thought this would be a good place to put that stuff.

Well that's all for now,


Tuesday August 11th, 1998

Wow, 2 updates in a row.

Actually not much today.

Just fixed up some links that didn't work, text that was the wrong colour, etc.

Fixed up/added some things on the X-Files Page (cast members, some links).

If you have any suggestions as to what should be put on this page, please Sign My Guestbook.

I'm gonna start working on the Push site soon. If anyone knows of any sites out there about Push, please Sign My Guestbook, it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm most likely going to register on a few search engines tonight, so I can get some more traffic.

That's about it


Wednesday August 12th, 1998

I've been updating a lot lately.

The X-Files Page is now finished!

Well....in as much as the fact that I don't have any blank category things.

I filled in some more cast things, and put in the movie summary (from web.singnet.com.sg/~zat2111/xfmovie, thank you very much).

That's it!

Oh and I registered with a bunch of search engines last night, this should be on there within a few days.


Friday August 14th, 1998

I put up a main entrance (www.warplink.com/~mjenn)

It should be easier to remember.

I also.....started the Push page.

I attempted a character web, you can see it if you like, it will be better soon. Push is on tonight, so I hope I'll be able to put it up completely updated within a few days.

That's about it


Saturday August 15th

I've finished the Push character web, so you can look at that now.

I hope to make it look better soon, but it looks like Push is cancelled (or 'pre-empted') again.... so it might not be worth it, but I'll try!

That's really it today


Sunday August 16th

I finished the Push page, added "Last updated" stamps to all the sub-pages (although they all say August 16th now, when I update next they will say the updated date).

I added a background sound to the Push Web, a picture to the main page, and I'm going to do a spell check, and picture labelling thing on all the sub-pages, so that it's nice and clean.


Monday August 17th

I updated the production credits for Push.

I also started the Dawson's Creek Page (literally nothing now)

I also fixed up a few background pictures (they now move with the text!)


Tuesday August 18th

I'm working a lot on the Dawson's Creek Page. There's still quite a bit to do, but a lot of the blanks have been filled in.

I also found TV Guide's review of Push from ages ago, and it's a good one, and I added it under the two not so nice ones.

That's about it for today


Thursday August 20th, 1998

I put a little update about Push on that page.

I also put the main theme from the show on the page, you have to download it though, it sounds horrible as a background sound (it literally skips)

The WAV file is only about 100 KB large though, so you can download it while you're looking at the page

That's all folks


Saturday August 22nd, 1998

I put counters on all the sub-pages.

I added a link to the official Alanis page, and put up the release date of her next single

That's it


Sunday August 23rd, 1998

Lots of updates today, as you may have noticed.

I edited the HTML of the counters on the sub-pages, no visible changes though (but that's why they say last updated August 23rd).

I added Don't drink the Water to the Alanis list of songs (she's featured on it).

Added a link to the Globe and Mail on the useless facts page (thank you to Tami), as well as a fact about the counters.

I also put up the Friends page, but right now it's pretty much blank.

Also, I added an article from Canoe entertainment about Alanis missing the opportunity to have Hand in My Pocket as the theme song for Dawson's Creek.

Plus I put up a site map (which is really pointless, but it gets you places without having to look for them within the sub-pages where they're linked from).

I also changed some of the colours and things on the main page.

And finally two more reviews of Push.

And that's it!


Monday August 24th, 1998

As you may have noticed, I've managed to update every single sub-page in one way or another.

Lots and lots of pictures today. That was most of what I did.

I added counters to all the new pages I put up yesterday.

I put in pictures of Alanis and JLP on that page.

I put in another fact on Useless facts.

I put pictures in beside the links to the sub-links on the main Links page.

I put in a cast picture on the Push page.

I put pictures of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson on the X-Files page.

I put in pictures of each of the Backstreet Boys on that page.

Also pictures of the Dawson's Creek cast.

And a picture for my horribly empty Friends page.

I also added a few things to the credits page, because I had to get the pictures from somewhere.

And finally I put in a list of update dates at the top, for easy reference.


Tuesday August 25th, 1998

This update is going to go up at the same time as the one above; I had problems uploading it to my server last night.

I did somehow manage to access the counters for some of the pages, and some of the numbers are surprisingly high (the Backstreet one was at 48 a day or two after I put it up). So good for me.

Anyway today I finished the Dawson's Creek page; filled in some cast members, and did the summary, and I'm working on the character page.

That's it for now


Wednesday August 26th, 1998


I've decided to leave the Update! picture up if it's been updated in the last week. That way if you haven't been here in one day (which makes sense really), then you'll know what's been updated.

Updates today include: DC US premiere date filled in, actor's name for Doug Witter on DC filled in, put pics in the DC web (which I'll continue to work on later, it's still under construction), I added Hand in My Pocket as the background sound for the DC/Alanis article (since that's what it's about), changed the colours/background of the entrance, and I started work on the Friends page.

Right now It's pretty much a skeletal outline of what'll be there, and I'm blanking on some really easy facts, but I haven't watched the show in a few weeks (I can't stand watching the same show within a month of already seeing it). So I'll have some more filled in tommorrow, and once I get the basics on the Friends page, I'll fill in the rest of the DC web.

Also another note.. I'm on Altavista and Infoseek as well as HotBot now, so my traffic's really improving. The most popular site seems to be the Backstreet Boys one. Although the X-Files and Push ones aren't doing too bad either. The Alanis one isn't doing so well, I don't think it made it up on any engines yet. If it's not there soon, I'll add it myself.

And finally I edited the background picture here, so that you can see the whole thing (assuming your display settings are set to 800x600). Some little bits look a little bit rough, but that's the best I could do with a JPEG editor I found on some disk that had something else on it.

That's about it for now


Thursday August 27th, 1998

Updates: Premiere date for Friends, link to Yahoo! Category for Friends, Picture (really pathetic, I need to find a better one) of Eion Bailey, added an acting credit for Jason Behr on the Push Character page, and some more work on the Dawson's Character page.

Also; I got my hundreth hit sometime yesterday, so things are picking up; the Backstreet counter's at 77 last time I checked, that seems to be most popular... some of the subpages are yet to make it onto any search engine thing yet, so they're not so popular.

I've decided to set up a Push Guestbook--for people who have seen the show. I want to know if ANYONE else out there has seen it (other than me).

Finally; I'm going to put up an All Saints sub-site. A long time from now though.... I'm going to finish the Dawson's Creek characters, and almost finish the Friends page, before I even create the page.


Friday August 28th, 1998

I did some work on the Dawson's Creek character page today. This includes: adding two pictures, information about all the supporting cast (a huge thanx to http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/drmira/supchar.htm). I still need to get the information about the main cast, and a whole bunch of pictures (which apparently is almost impossible, this according to Internet sources). I know of somewhere I can get a few of the pictures, so I'll just have to work with it.

I also put up a Push Guestbook, especially for anybody that's seen the show, and has any comments or just wants to tell me they've seen it. I also added a review I found while looking for something else. Finally on that page I added the episode guides from ABC.com, like TV guide descriptions of the planned/past episodes.

Finally I added MIDI controls to all the sub-pages (I finally got the codes! Thanx to Karel Zavadil). Although some of them keep showing up really big, there shouldn't be any problem. The control is at the bottom of each page with a MIDI (every one except for the Push Reviews). If you do not hear a MIDI on any of the pages, please Sign My Guestbook and tell me. It would be greatly appreciated.

That's about it for today!


Saturday August 29th, 1998

These updates are all going to get put on a separate page soon. After Monday the 31st, I'll put all the August updates into a separate page as the September updates. Also, they'll probably get less frequent, as I begin school. Also, once I'm finished all the pages, then all I'll have to do is update what's there, not build new things.

Anyway I'm still looking for DC pictures. If you know of anywhere I can get them, please Tell Me. I did put in some info about the lead cast, thanks again to http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/drmira/ for some of that information.

I also added a counter to the Push Review I added the other day.

Finally, I put up some of the Alanis lyrics. Some lyrics from Alanis and some of the lyrics from Jagged Little Pill. They're on a separate page now, you can get there from the Alanis page, the discography and lyrics are together. These took ages to type! I'm so glad I'm almost done!!

That's about it


Sunday August 30th, 1998

I added a counter to the Alanis lyrics, as well as finishing the lyrics from Alanis (the album), Jagged Little Pill, and Uninvited. This is so time consuming, so it'll take a while. Especially when the lyrics in the CD or tape are completely wrong!

I got a lot of pictures up onto the DC character page (a huge thanx to www.michelle-williams.com for the screen shots!). Some other pictures were from some of the sites about other shows the actors/actresses have done (i.e. The Flash, Pacific Palisades, stuff like that).

It also turns out that "Odi Ndefo" (according to the TWO official sites) is actually named Obi Ndefo. Oops! So I changed that.

I also (as you may have noticed) changed the updates page so that next month will be on a separate page. There is now an updates entrance at the same address where this used to be.

That's about all


Monday August 31st, 1998

This will be the last update on this page, they will be in the September one starting tommorrow!

I finished the DC web pics, and put counters on the two new updates pages. Also I put meta tags into a bunch of these documents so I can be found on search engines easier! I'm not gonna count that as an 'update', but that's why the pages say last Updated today!

Also on another good note, my Backstreet page reached 100 hits a few days ago, it seems to be doing pretty well!


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